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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, don't hesitate to call anytime!.


Do I need an appointment?

We highly recommend an appointment to ensure your pet can be groomed the day you wish. We are sometimes able to fit in walk-ins. Holidays are required to have an appointment, as these are the busiest times of the year for groomers.


What vaccinations do you require?

For the safety of your pet and others, we require Rabies, bordatella, and DHLPP.


How long will my pet be there?

We try to get every pet home as soon as possible. The length of time depends on breed, cut, and if any creative grooming is being done. We generally try for 2-4 hours. We call 30 min ahead of the pet being finished to ensure the quickest time possible. We do offer all day stay if needed for a small cost. If you'd like your pet done in the fastest time possible we suggest making your appointment for the first one of the day.


Do you use kennel dryers?

Every pet gets dried by hand completely, if possible, to ensure the cut is the best possible.We do not kennel dry unless hand drying is severely stressing out the pet. We refuse to scare the pet and endager their safety.


Can I wait at the salon for my pet to be done?

 We welcome you to take a tour at any time of the salon and encourage you to ask questions. We do not allow owners to stand with the pets during a grooming, however, you are more than welcome to call at any time to check on your pet. When pets see their owners they are more excitable and this can be dangerous for the haircut. Our equipment is sharp.


Do you sedate the pets?

We do not sedate any pet, however, if your pet is severely stressed and we feel it is causing harm to continue, we call you. We will suggest to ask your vet about a sedative. We require you to adminster the medication and once the pet is relaxed we can continue the grooming. Our goal is for your pet to be as comfortable and happy as can be.


Do you muzzle pets?

We only muzzle an animal if we feel it s best for the safety of the dog and groomer. Muzzeling is a last resort.


Can I bring my pet treats?

Yes! We encourage you to bring in goodies that will make your pet's expierence better and homely.


How often does my pet need to be groomed?

We recommend (depending on breed), every 4-6 weeks. Some breeds with shorter hair can be groomed every 12 weeks.


How soon can I bring my new puppy for his/her first groom?

We recommend starting the grooming training as early as 12 weeks, when the second set of shots are done. The earlier and more often you can bring them in is better. The first time can be a scary experience for a puppy. The more they come, the more comfortable they get. Usually the first time, we recommend a mini only.


My dog is matted. Can you brush them out?

Some breeds are more prone to matting. We recommend while brushing at home using a comb as well as a brush. If your pet is matted, we can access the level of matting at your consultation, we might be able to brush them out at an extra price. If the matting is severe we will let you know and suggest shaving them down and starting over. Sometimes it is better for the pet to be shaved down and start over growing the coat back. De matting can be stressful for your pet and our goal for your pet is to be relaxed and happy during their stay.


Do you walk my pet?

We do not walk your pet. Their safety is our number one goal. We recommend you walk them before their grooming and do not feed big meals right before.