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Here at Charlie's Place, we strive to offer the very best in the grooming industry. We provide many choices that would best suite your pet's needs. All of our shampoos and conditioners are natural and of the highest quality. Our products are designed with your pet's best health in mind. We do not charge extra for specialty shampoos (oatmeal, flea and tick, whitening, darkening, medicated) Every pet leaves with a bandanna, bow, or both! Prices vary on breed, condition of coat, level of grooming required. When coming in you always receive an consultation with us and when leaving we always check the groom over with you to make sure you and your pet are happy. Charlie's Place is personal salon. We do offer cat grooming as well on Saturdays only. Every pet gets fresh water through out the grooming process. Please call today for a price quote.

*****There are some extra fees that will be applied to the payment if your dog or cat:

  1. Severe Matting
  2. Fecal Remover (on the animal)
  3. Bitter fee or special handling
  4. No show (if you do not call or come in for your appointment
  5. Late cancellation fee (if you do cancel within 24 hrs of your appointment


Full service baths:

Our full service baths include a shampoo of your choice, a conditioning treatment, brush out, ear cleaning, anal glands expresssed, and nail grinding.

Full service haircut

Our full service haircut includes everything our baths include plus any haircut you desire for your pet. We can do the grooming to the AKC standard or a specific style just for your pet.


We also offer mini's. These are great for those in between times between grooming appointments or dogs with longer coats that need that extra coat care. It includes our bath, conditioning treatment, ear cleaning, anal gland expressed, nail grinding, and the feet, face, and sanitary area trimmed. 


Creative Grooming

We offer creative grooming. This can vary from coloring one fun safe color to colors. We can do that fun mohawk, ears, tail, boots, or an all over color. Ever want your pet to stand out and get that extra attention? Give them a safe dye or paint on stencil. We can do flowers, words, paw prints, and more! Need ideas, just ask! Even if you just want that baby looking like a lion, color and all, we are the people to turn to! Prices vary on how much color is used and the amount of time the sculpting takes. Please allow for more time for apointment if creative grooming is desired and book in advance.


Tumbleweed ($20-40)

Is your dog or cat leaving tumbleweeds all over your house? This includes a targeted shampoo, conditioner, different tools, after spray, and 75% of the dead coat removed. This also includes toothbrushing.

Pampered Pooch $15

This package is great for just wanting to pamper your pet. It includes 2 shampoos, conditioner, a dead sea mineral mud bath, and toothbrushing. A mudbath exfoliates the skin and adds mosture.

Itch-Be -Gone $15

This is one of our most popular packages. Does your pet itch and chew? This package includes a vet grade anti-itch shampoo, conditioner, and after spray. This package is great for simple allergies (ex. grass, pollen). 

Exterminator $15

This packages is for pets with fleas.This package includes vet grade, targeting shampoo, conditioner, capstar, and toothbrushing. A capstar is a pill that starts killing fleas in 30 minutes and lasts 24 hours. It is safe for puppies and kittens. It is salon policy that if your pet has fleas, they will have to be admisitered capstar to protect other animals.

Say Goodbye to Dry $15

This package is wonderful for pets that have dry skin. It is vet grade shampoos, conditioners,and toothbrushing. This package helps bring back moisture into the coat. 

Diva Dog $15

This package is for the fashionista dog. It includes toothbrushing and upgraded shampoos and conditioners specifically targeted for color. You can pick any 3 of feathers, bling, stencil tattoo, or nail polish.


We now offer a few drops of CBD oil, for the anxious pets.

Free nail clipping always!

Dremeling $5

Toothbrushing $10

Mud Bath (wonderful for dry itchy skin) $10+

Blueberry facials (great for stains) $10

PlaqClinz Dental Treatment This is a step further than tooth brushing. It includes pre- brushing, PlaqCInz Solution Pre-Treatment Spray, one PlaqCInz Oral Irrigating, PlaqCInz Gel applied. This service also includes one bottle to take home of the gel so you can continue your pet's teeth care. This service is very affective for bad breathe and  reducing plaque and tarter.This is an all natural product. $40

Nail Polish (many colors to choose from) $5-10

De matting (we offer some de matting services, we refuse to demat if the matting is severe) First 15 min is free, $10 per 15 min after

Advantage/Frontine/Capstar Prices vary on size of pet.